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Education that evolved to be

A fast and modern online education platform, designed for the exchange of knowledge between people.

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Why Sumé LMS?


Licensed by Apache 2.0, the open source is free to download, host and use by everyone.

Made for people

Made to understand the needs of educators and learners and improve their experiences.


Developed with Go and React, it is ready to be used with Kubernetes and run in containers.


Its microservice architecture ensures high availability and scalability.


It provides evidence on the performance of the content and applied teaching method, allowing to identify and correct possible deviations in the learning process.


Support for SCORM and xAPI, which facilitates migration, and also for our own format, Guaraná.
Educator Space

A space to teach

Within Sumé, the educator has control of the content in his hands. By using the tools available on the platform, in addition to assembling and making the content available, the educator can obtain statistics on the performance and progress of their students, classes and courses. Through automated analysis, he can find ways to optimize content and teach classes, adapting them to the needs of each student.
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Student Space

A space to learn

Here, the student also has the autonomy to customize the way they want to access the content in which they are interested. And while he learns, the platform learns from him and adapts to help improve his performance. The Student Lounge is perfect for improving the way a student learns as it monitors their progress as they interact with their educators and other students.
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For Organizations

For the public or private sector

The Sumé LMS can still be used as a corporate knowledge distribution platform. With it, it is possible to find different ways to teach, learn, share and collaborate within public and private organizations. The platform allows you to manage multiple learning spaces and helps servers and employees on their journey through knowledge.
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Sumé edu

A tool to support the education

To ensure educators and students a broad and detailed understanding of what Sumé and the Sumé LMS are and how they can assist in the development and implementation of virtual classes, we created Sumé Edu (Educator's Manual). Its objective is to help and help educators to remodel and adapt what is taught in the physical classroom to the virtual classroom, trying, in all aspects, not to lose the quality necessary for the construction of knowledge.

Like the entire Sumé platform, the manual is also a product of collective construction and is open to everyone's collaboration. To follow the content development and understand how to help in this process, access the manual and check it out!

Sume Edu
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Install everywhere

Some of our guides to help you to install.

Join the Evolution

Together we can build a better future

Education has always been and must continue to be a collective construction and an exchange of knowledge. And the arrival of technology only facilitated this process. So, as much as the first step of the Sumé LMS has been taken by us, we invite you to join us in developing the future of online learning technology.

We are looking for great minds who are willing to help us with developing strategies and tools to bring the best experience to everyone involved. Join our team of developers, designers, content creators, educators or students.

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