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Sumé is an open and collaborative educational initiative, whose main objective is to remove the barriers between current teaching models and the need to adapt these teaching methodologies to the virtual environment. It is based on three main pillars:

  • That education must be open and accessible to all, allowing for a joint and constant evolution of society and individuals;
  • That education must be inclusive, that is, that through the use of technology it can overcome physical and social barriers to create bridges between people and ideas;
  • May education be adaptive. This means that she must look at both the difficulties and the learning facilities, always respecting the pace of each individual.

Sumé LMS#

With the foundations of Sumé consolidated, the Sumé LMS was developed, a modern, open-source, free and distributed distance learning platform. It was built to adapt to the most diverse needs and teaching modalities, with a focus on being scalable and fast.

Using learning analytics tools, the platform provides better experiences for both educators and students in a dynamic and inclusive way, providing the educator with statistics to improve their content, as well as guiding the student to content formats that provide more effective learning.


We are very happy about your interest in helping Sumé. Our community is made up of people like you, who wish to make a positive impact on society.

Feel welcome, we are grateful for any help you can give us, but first, read our Contributing Guide to learn about our how to ask questions and contribute and our Code of Conduct know our community standards and values.