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Core Team#

Ricardo Lüders's avatar

Ricardo Lüders

Project Leader & Engineer Leader

Holistic Software Engineer (the universe will fix the bug 🔮), Project Leader and Founder of the Sumé LMS, that love technology, open-source, education, cats 🐱, video game 🎮, and music 🎼.
Ariane Rocha's avatar

Ariane Rocha

Data Engineer Leader

Data Engineer at Magrathea Labs, Leader of Data Sumé, and one of the founders of the project Sumé. Passionate about technology, open-source, games 🎮, books 📚, comics 💬, podcasts, and cats 😻, much more for cats actually.
Izadora Ribeiro Perkoski's avatar

Izadora Ribeiro Perkoski

Digital Learning Coordinator

PhD in Special Education (UFSCar), Master in Behavior Analysis (UEL) and Bachelor of Psychology (FEPAR) works with development of educational technologies and interventions based on games and gamification.
Mariany Ferreira da Silva's avatar

Mariany Ferreira da Silva

Front-end & Data Engineer

Software Development Engineer, Hitchhiker from Magrathea Labs. I am sometimes a mentor and always an apprentice. An occasional console gamer, traveler and nature lover, family album photographer and a tech geek.

Active Team#

Rafael Basask's avatar

Rafael Basask

Full "Slack" Developer (code only the minimum necessary). I'm sometimes a tutor and a teacher and always an apprentice. An occasional gamer, musician, traveler, photographer and a frequent programmer.
Camila Moura's avatar

Camila Moura

Front-end & Administrative Support

Gisele Votre's avatar

Gisele Votre

User Interface Designer